Saturday, February 16, 2008




INFLATION is happening everywhere, cash is no longer a king but GOLD is the best investment to protect the INFLATION, do not let yourself become poor because of the greenbacks.

ECMC has a solution for YOU and only YOU can decide and MAKE it happen. Why buy golds using your hard earned cash if you can get it every month with one time purchase of gold shares and more golds are waiting for you to grap....


ECMC Convertible Preference Share (CPS) is a "win-win" platform for both the shareholders and company.

For Shareholders

ECMC CPS holders are entitled to a monthly fixed dividend. However, these dividends are paid in terms of grams of gold, which can be convertible into monetary value at the spot gold price, at any point of time.

ECMC CPS holders will be given an amount of capital and an interest free account, in order to hold paper gold up to 2 times their shares' subscription value. This is another method to shorten the time of returns.

ECMC CPS holders may convert their shares into Common stock when ECMC decided to go IPO listed. However, if the shareholders choose not to do so, they will be refunded according to their subscription price.

ECMC CPS holders are entitled to other incentives that ECMC offered; should the existing shareholders refer a new shareholder to the company.

ECMC CPS holders may unsubscribe their shares by giving 45 days' notice to the company.
ECMC is undertaking an exercise of issuing new Convertible Preference Shares (CPS). We sincerely invite any willing investors from all around the world to take up this offer. The offer will be subject to the time limit and capital needed for new expansion.